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Content Manager

Upload, share or create a range of content in minutes

Content management made easy

Unlike some other digital signage solutions, we make managing and displaying your content simple. With our CodaSign Content Manager interface you can upload, share or create content and add it to your displays in minutes.

Our easy to use user interface can be accessed from any location with internet. This means you can easily update your CodaSign screens whenever you need. And if you want to plan your content to play in advance, then our scheduling feature means your content can be displayed whenever you need it to.

What can I display?

You can upload or create a range of content with CodaSign Content Manager. Our interface supports all of the most popular formats and will allow you to display:

Video and image files

Upload any videos or images you have to CodaSign, including MP4, WMV, JPEG and PNG files.

Branded templates

Use our templating system to create a range of branded, customisable slides to promote your business.

Social media feeds

Integrate a range of social media platforms with CodaSign, including Instagram and X (Twitter).

Live weather updates

Display the latest weather information from any location and have this update in real-time!

PDF documents

Upload any PDF documents and add them to your displays in minutes.

Canva integration

Share Canva designs using CodaSign with any changes updated automatically.

YouTube videos

Add content from YouTube, including your own videos and range of library content.

Web pages & RSS feeds

Display a range of web pages and RSS feeds, all updated in real-time.

Create fully branded slides

CodaSign gives you access to our unique templating system, which allows you to customise a range of slides. This includes content to promote your:

Special offers and events
Social media profiles and pages
Business and team information
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Display your Canva designs

CodaSign features full integration with the Canva design platform. This allows you to export any designs you create in Canva directly into CodaSign in just a few clicks.

Once a design has been shared, any changes you make will be updated automatically in your CodaSign Content Manager account. If the design is already being shown on one of your displays then these will be updated automatically too!

Schedule content whenever you need

Our scheduling functionality allows you to schedule any content to display at any time of the day, week, month or year! Simply select the time and date you want your content to display and let CodaSign do the rest.

Content will be automatically updated on your screens at the scheduled time, and can be easily amended if you need to make any last minute changes.

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