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Digital signage for healthcare

Enhance your business with an innovative and easy to use digital signage system
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Digital signage tailored for healthcare

Getting started with a digital signage system can be confusing. From deciding which media player you require, to spending time creating and uploading content, the process can be time consuming and very frustrating.

CodaSign transforms digital signage by making it easy to get started and manage. We offer everything you need, including our CodaSign Media Player that an be installed on almost any existing TV. We also give you access to our easy-to-use Content Manager user interface so you can upload, create and share content in minutes.

What can I display?

You can upload or create any content you want to display in minutes with CodaSign. Our Content Manager interface supports all of the most popular formats, including:

Graphics and video

Upload a range of images, videos and other files, including JPEG, PNG, MP4 and PDF files.

Editable templates

Create a range of customisable slides to promote your business and edit whenever you need!

Social media content

Share social media content on CodaSign, including your Instagram and Twitter feeds.

External content

Display a range of content from external providers, including Canva, YouTube and weather feeds.

Easy to install

With CodaSign you can get up and running in a fraction of the time compared to other digital signage systems. Our CodaSign Media Player takes minutes to setup and our subscription includes everything you need to manage your system:

Choose your subscription and number of devices

We keep it really simple, it’s one device per display and you can have as many displays as you require.

Connect your media player to your display

Once you receive your CodaSign Media Player, simply plug it into your display and connect it your internet.

Upload and add content to your displays

Use our innovative content manager interface to upload any content you already have or create your own!

CodaSign Enterprise Tools – manage multiple displays

Our Enterprise Tools allows you to manage multiple displays quickly and easily, and update these displays whenever you need.

This is ideal for groups or larger organisations who need to control and display their messages in multiple locations effectively.

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Where are we located?

Our systems are installed in a range of different locations, including dental practices, hospitals & GP practices and veterinary practices. We have over 3500 digital signage screens which get over 1 million views every day!

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See CodaSign in action

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