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Social Media Integration

Showcase your social media accounts using CodaSign

Share social media content instantly

Social media is now an essential tool for almost all businesses. It allows you to engage with customers and clients, and share a range of information and promotions with them in real-time.

Our social media digital signage integration allows you to link your X (Twitter) and Instagram accounts with CodaSign and share these live feeds on your displays. The process is quick and simple, and any content added to your accounts is updated automatically.

What can I share?

CodaSign integrates with a range of social media platforms, including Instagram, X and YouTube. This allows you to share content from these platforms on your CodaSign screens instantly.

X (Twitter) Feed

Share your X feed on your CodaSign screens including a QR code that patients can scan to visit your profile page!

Instagram Feed

Connect your Instagram account to CodaSign and share your posts and associated images with customers in real time.

YouTube Content

Stream videos directly from YouTube to show product examples, lifestyle and entertainment clips or your favourite cat videos!

What are the benefits?

Integrating your social media accounts with CodaSign provides a range of benefits, including:

Save time

Save time creating new content by sharing your existing Twitter or Instagram content on your CodaSign displays.

Increase your social campaign reach

Sharing social media content using CodaSign will increase the number of people who can view it.

Promote your social media channels

Promoting your Twitter and Instagram account using CodaSign will encourage people to follow you.

Instant updates

Any content added to your social media accounts is updated instantly on your displays without any additional work from you!

See CodaSign in action

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