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Digital signage for pharmacies

Promote health and wellbeing and highlight additional services with pharmacy digital signage

Revolutionise you pharmacy communications

Pharmacies are an increasingly important part of the patient journey with a range of services now being provided for patients.

CodaSign pharmacy digital signage will allow you to highlight these additional services and promote your products. It will also help to increase awareness of any national health campaigns. Using pharmacy digital signage you can:

Promote healthy living

Promote healthy living and encourage positive lifestyle choices to customers in your pharmacy using digital signage displays.

Advertise your services

Raise awareness of the additional services available at your pharmacy, such as flu vaccination and blood pressure testing.

Inform your patients

Make patients aware of your pharmacy information, such as you opening hours or team information using our unique templating system.

Promote social media

Digital signage has been proven to increase sales with customers more likely to purchase advertised products when seeing them on screens.

Create and share content in minutes

CodaSign offers a range of features to help you quickly create new media and share any existing content you may have. This includes:

Multi-file upload – upload your own content quickly and easily, including video files, PDFs and images.
Templating – create a range of eye catching, fully branded slides that capture your customer’s attention.
Social media sharing – Our social media apps will allow you to display your Instagram and Twitter posts on screens instantly.
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Create a Health Promotion Zone

The government Healthy Living Pharmacy which recommends the use of digital content and CodaSign pharmacy digital signage will allow you

  • Standard LCD Displays
  • High Brightness LCD Displays
  • Indoor Display Enclosures
  • Freestanding Kiosks

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How it works

Getting up and running with Codasign takes a fraction of the time compared to other digital signage systems. There are just three steps to get up and running:

Choose your subscription

We keep it really simple, it’s one device per display and you can have as many displays as you require.

Connect and pair your device

Once you receive your CodaSign Media Player, simply connect it to your display and pair it with your CodaSign account.

Add content to your screen

Use our innovative CodaSign content manager to upload any content you may have or create your own!

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See if CodaSign is right for you

Request a free demo or contact us to find out more about CodaSign digital signage for your pharmacy.

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