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Media Library

A range of content for use by dental practices, GP practices and many more!

Content – we’ve got you covered

We understand how costly and time consuming it can be to keep creating new content to share on your displays. That’s why we can provide a library of media for you to use that is specifically designed for your industry.

We have libraries of media that are suitable for use by GP practices, dentists and many more. All media is regularly checked by professionals to ensure its accuracy, and new content is added on a regular basis.

What media is available?

We currently offer libraries of content for use in a range of different industries, including:

Dental practices

Promote good oral care and highlight additional services and treatments, including teeth whitening, dental implants and other cosmetic treatments.

GP practices

Educate patients on a range of health topics and keep them informed of the latest services at your practice, such as flu vaccinations and and baby clinics.

Veterinary practices

Make pet owners aware of the importance of responsible pet ownership and promote your treatments and services, such as health plans or nurse clinics.

How does it work?

Access to the media library functionality is available as part of our CodaSign + Media package. Simply let us know what media library (Veterinary, GP or Dental) you would like access to and we’ll do the rest.

You will have unlimited access to all the content in the media library that you are subscribed to for the full length of your subscription. There are also no limits on how many times you can use any of the content in the library.

Downloadable content

As part of your media library subscription, we will give you access to a range of downloadable content that you can use on your social media platforms, your website or anywhere else you wish!

Content is available in various sizes and formats to suit a range of different platforms, and you are free to use any files you download as many times as you like.

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