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Digital signage for retail

Promote your business inside and out with an innovative retail digital signage system

Transform the shopping experience

Retailers are always look for new ways to engage and communicate with their customers in-store.

CodaSign digital signage will help you to integrate the digital and physical shopping experience, helping you to transform your customer’s shopping experience. Using retail digital signage you can:

Increase product sales

Digital signage has been proven to increase sales with customers more likely to purchase advertised products when seeing them on screens.

Promote special offers & events

Use your CodaSign displays to quickly promote events and special offers. Our Templating system will allow you to create custom slides and share them in minutes.

Encourage social sharing & engagement

Our social media integration allows you to display your feeds in realtime. This will encourage customers to follow you and share your posts.

Increase brand awareness

The increased customer attention that digital signage brings to your business will raise awareness of your brand to customers.

Create and share content in minutes

Our innovative Content Manager interface provides a range of features to help you quickly create new media and share any existing content you may have, including:

Multi-file upload – upload your own content quickly and easily, including video files, PDFs, images and HTML5 web pages.
Templating – easily create a range of eye catching, fully branded slides that capture your customer’s attention.
Social media sharing – Our social media apps will allow you to display your Instagram and Twitter posts on screens instantly.
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How it works

Getting up and running with Codasign takes a fraction of the time compared to other digital signage systems. There are just three simple steps to get started:

Choose your subscription

We keep it really simple, it’s one device per display and you can have as many displays as you require.

Connect and pair your device

Once you receive your CodaStick, simply connect it to your display and pair it with your CodaSign account.

Add content to your screen

Use our innovative CodaSign content manager to upload any content you may have or create your own!

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Digital signage display solutions

We have a range of display solutions that are suitable for a variety of different locations. All of our displays are commercial grade and designed for commercial usage. We can provide:

  • Standard LCD Displays
  • High Brightness LCD Displays
  • Indoor Display Enclosures
  • Freestanding Kiosks

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See if CodaSign is right for you

Contact us to find out more about CodaSign digital signage for your retail business.

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